Raised Garden Beds (elongated and round)

Looking for the ultimate way to spruce up your garden, make it more manageable and beautiful too?

Our garden beds are made from a galvanised corrugated steel that is curved to the dimensions of your choice (elongated or round). The ends of the corrugated steel planter are joined by rivets, the top edge skillfully beaten over a 4mm wire ensuring a smooth and rounded edge. The inside is then painted with a rubberised paint to help protect against corrosion where there is a constant mingling of water, air and soil. 



Our planters can be made either with an open bottom or they can have a base fitted.

Open bottom pro’s

  • An open bottom is ideal if you are going to place your planter outside (not on a stoep, veranda etc.)
  • An open bottomed planter allows for all the beneficial organisms, such as earthworms, to move up into the bed.
  • An open bottomed planter allows for the roots to grow down and not be confined by the size of the planter.

We would typically only recommend a flat sheet metal base be added should you be placing your raised garden bed on a deck, veranda or stoep.

Garden Domes & Tunnels

Struggling with all kinds of creatures and inclement weather damaging your crops?

We have two different options that can help you win these battles: The Geodesic Dome and our RainQueen Monkey Tunnel.

Geodesic garden dome
They are ideal for:
      • Keeping out chickens and birds who enjoy your crops almost as much as you do.
      • Protecting your plants from the sun.
      • Protecting your plants from hail and frost.
    • 3.2mm galvanised wire bent into multiple ‘V’ shapes that are cleverly joined to form the geometric pattern
    • gutter bolts to keep shape secure
    • black PVC pipe along base
    • 20% shade cloth/hail cloth (different shade percentage options and greenhouse plastic available on request) to cover the wire dome structure.
    • We can also supply a RainQueen Round Planter that perfectly fits this garden dome design.
nb. our domes come in only one size: 1.2m diameters


RainQueen Garden Domes
monkey tunnel
They are ideal for:
  • Keeping out larger, more determined pests like monkeys.
  • Provide a secure environment for your plants to grow.
  • 0,9mm chicken mesh used with 25mm holes.
  • The chicken mesh is secured over a steel rod frame.
  • We can supply a RainQueen Elongated Planter that is designed to perfectly fit the tunnel.

    Tunnel to fit specific planter dimensions: 1900mm long / 760mm wide / 400mm high

nb. this is the only size available
RainQueen Monkey Tunnel

Garden ponds

Always wanted to have some water plants, or perhaps, even a fish or two? Our RainQueen Ponds look similar to our planters but are water tight.

There are two different options available:

Small Ponds - with sheet metal bottom and painted internally with durapond.
Large Ponds - open to the ground and fitted with a black PVC liner.

RainQueen Ponds

SMALL PONDS – painted internally with Durapond

  • Corrugated ring with sheet metal base.
  • Sealed and painted internally with durapond.
  • Top edge rounded over 8mm steel rod for safety, smoothness and strength.
  • Underside painted with rubberised bitumen to help protect against corrosion.
  • 1 x 40mm outlet at base (113mm from base of pond).

LARGE PONDS – with PVC liners

  • Corrugated ring.
  • Open top and bottom (no sheet metal base).
  • Black PVC liner fitted inside to hold water.
  • 1 x 40mm outlet at base (113mm from base of pond).
  • Liner folded over top of corrugated ring and secured with steel cable.
    To be placed on smooth stable surface (site preparation guide available).
  • Supplied in kit form for DIY assembly or delivery and installation can be quoted on request.

Wood Stackers

Our RainQueen Wood Stackers are a perfect solution to storing your fire wood while keeping the space visually appealing and well organised.

We have a range of standard dimensions, however, mostly our wood stackers are customised to suit each individual customer.

Our wood stackers are typically left unpainted / unlined and are open at the back (unless requested otherwise). A wood stacker is effectively an oval planter on its side with widths for either one log or two logs deep. There are also drainage holes drilled in the 'floor' of the wood stacker to stop water from pooling.


Our RainQueen Sheds are wonderfully sturdy, strong and durable providing the perfect alternative to your standard 'Wendy house'.

Our sheds can be used as additional storage units or as an outdoor office space. We provide the most simple design leaving room for you to embellish and add gadgets where you see fit.

rainqueen 'standard' shed specifications


  • Back wall: corrugated steel.
  • Front wall: sheet metal clad with treated clipboard.
  • Curved corrugated steel roof and sides.
  • Single rectangular door: 800mm / 1750mm
  • No floor

Dimensions: 2900mm long / 1800mm wide / 2000mm high

Chicken Coops

Looking for a home for your chickens that will add to your garden bed collection? 

RainQueen Chicken Coop
Our chicken coops are:
  • strong
  • sturdy
  • A lovely home for roughly 5 laying hens
  • Made from a combination of curved round bar, corrugated steel and weldmesh. They are a great idea for a little home for your chickens.
  • 1500mm wide. 1600mm high. 2900mm long.
  • Corrugated roof 1.5m wide.
  • Corrugated steel back wall. Weld mesh 50 x 50 – 1.4m
  • Front door and wall: weld mesh.
  • Includes roosting bars, two layer drums and ladder.

Other Garden Products

Because all of our items are made to order it is easy for us to make a huge array of different products that are not on our product or price list.

These are just a couple items we have customised over the years.

Dust Bins
Water troughs
Sinks / basins