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Crafted by hand, made to order — RainQueen products are as unique as you are.

All of our products start as a long, straight piece of corrugated steel. Through a meticulous and time-consuming process, the sheet is fed back and forth between a roller to curve different diameters. Everything from then on is done by our skilled teams—from the joining to rounding the top edge, putting on bases, fitting outlets, and painting. We continue to innovate and improve the methods and technologies of our craft.

The Process:

All of our products are handcrafted locally at each of our individual factories specifically for each customer. 

Want to purchase one of our products and wondering just what the process entails?

Contact Us

Contact us with your enquiry via email or telephone. If you know exactly what you would like to order kindly include as much detail as possible (dimensions, delivery etc.) in your communication so that we can be as concise in our response as possible. 

Get a quote
Get a Quote

We will send you a quote to establish what it is you would like to order - and include any/all necessary information. 

Proforma Invoice
Proforma Invoice

Once the quote has been accepted and all details confirmed we will send you a proforma invoice with all our necessary details. 


We require a deposit to confirm your order and the balance to be paid on delivery / collection.

Lead Time
Lead time

We will confirm an estimated lead time from date of deposit.

Delivery / collection

As soon as your order has been made and is complete and ready for collection / delivery we will contact you.

Our History

RainQueen started as a very small factory in the Western Cape. Mark, who started the business in 2012 shares a little about what inspired him to take those initial steps into the corrugated steel world.

‘Having grown up with corrugated steel tanks around our home, they have always held a special place in my memories. While searching for a corrugated steel tank I discovered that there were very few people still making the tanks. I also realised that corrugated steel tanks were part of our architectural heritage and that a windmill with its corrugated steel tank were a Karoo icon. The handcrafted nature of the tanks also held an appeal for me. And so I set out to bring these tanks back into our every day lives’.

‘Today, I am still inspired by the original handcrafted tank in an idyllic Karoo setting and try to hold RainQueen true to that ideal. By purchasing our products you are helping to keep alive the craft and skills necessary to make them.’

Our Name

Rain Queen products are closely linked to rain and rain water harvesting. We are committed to finding magical solutions to African challenges of drought and low rainfall. The real Rain Queen, in her Kingdom at Modjadjiskloof (north of Tzaneen), has mystical rain making powers and is seen as the embodiment of the Rain Goddess. Part of a dynasty stretching back centuries, the Rain Queen has always been renowned and respected for Her ability to influence rainfall, a vital gift in a land of unpredictable rainfall. The Rain Queen was the inspiration for our business name.

The business started as a purely tank manufacturing business and in fact was called ‘RainQueen Tanks’. Over the years, and with the product range increasing, we decided that the name was misleading and better re-branded to ‘RainQueen South Africa’’.

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